Vacanze, sole, mare...
E sapori che ti fanno tornare.

Holidays, sun, sea... And flavors that will make you come back.

Il Sapore Davvero Italiano

It is by Praia dos Salgados, in a relaxed atmosphere, inspired by the Mediterranean and with a unique hospitality, that the best flavors of Italy are served. From rich ingredients of origine controllata, to freshly made pasta, passing through delicious ricette tradizionali and innovative dishes by Chef Vittorio Colleoni, this is veramente the most authentic Italian experience you will find.

Vittorio Colleoni

Born in Treviglio, a city in the Lombardy region, Vittorio Colleoni is the youngest member of a lineage of chefs and the first to achieve a Michelin star at the family restaurant San Martino, in Italy. During his career, he has worked on several continents and in numerous internationally renowned restaurants. And now he leads the new Algarve’s Italian reference – Primadonna.

I'm a traditional Italian chef who enjoys innovating and always seeks to showcase the best flavors of Italy while giving each restaurant its unique identity. I'm particularly excited about this menu.

On the Primadonna menu, you'll find classic homemade Italian recipes like the authentic Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Gnocchi Giro d'Italia, where with just one bite you can taste the flavors from north to south of the country, the delicious and crispy Pizza Calzone, and the famous Sicilian Cannolo, filled with a greedy pistachio filling. There are also two declarations from the chef, one to the north of Italy and one to the south of Portugal.

The Vittore Carpaccio served in a Panzanella frame in homage to the Renaissance painter, and the Risotto Verde Mare, where the quality of the Algarve fish and the vibrant hues of the sunset waters stands out.

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Bruschetta Bar

An elegant and friendly spot inside Primadonna restaurant, with an exclusive menu where you can find different types of Bruschetta and the best Italian wines and cocktails.
Perfect for gathering friends in the late afternoon and tasting the finest Italian delicacies. Come and share good moments around our table.

Sunset Parties

“That’s Amore”

with DJ live sets

from 08:30 pm till 11:30pm


4th: Aperol party + DJ João Sousa
18th: Festa Bulldog + Dj Mário Marques
20th: DJ João Sousa
08h30pm until 11h30pm

Days: 12 and 26
08:30pm until 11:30pm
2nd: DJ João Sousa
8th: Festa Campari + DJ João Sousa
16th: DJ EriK Faria
31st: Festa Bye bye Summer DJ João Sousa
08h30 pm – 11h30pm

Days: 17 and 23
08:30pm until 11:30pm
When people start to arrive
And you feel an amazing vibe,“That’s Amore”.

When the music turns on
And you are asking for a Calzone,“That’s Amore”.

When the sun stops to shine
And you take another glass of wine, “That’s Amore”.

Toasts will ring, and people will sing, 'cause this is “Vita Bella”.

The dates for the event will be announced soon.


Rua da Boca da Alagoa, Lote 1
8200-424 Albufeira


T: (+351) 289 038 013
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Access and Opening Hours​

Direct entrance through the parking zone of Salgados Beach
Entry restricted to individuals aged 6 and older
Open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM